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January 30, 2010

What Did Socrates Know?

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By Michele Spector

Change is like a democracy,

Whose questions beg their answers,

And honesty propels chaos,

Though doubt will always follow,

Its shadows cannot be eluded,

They are just fearful distractions,

And once completely discarded,

Are better understood as history,

In the new midday light.

How is it to be alive in a world always on the edge of enlightenment or destruction? Living in the thick of it, surviving from day to day, it means to look for more. We internalize the outside world, then try to demystify it and discover some inherent meaning. That’s how an artist is hardwired.

Honing our craft, the world vanishes for a while; we go into a world of our choice. After reaching our deepest selves, we emerge healed and whole on the other side. Then it all seems to make a strange kind of sense. We’ve actually salvaged our humanity from the wrecking block.

If we deviate from the truth of who we are, we are absolutely lost and miserable. Once we’ve gotten past the excuses and procrastinating,  it’s still there waiting as if we never left.



  1. full of wit,

    cute post, 😉

    Comment by jingle — January 30, 2010 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

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